Jayneel Vora
jrvora at ucdavis.edu 

Networks Lab
Department of Computer Science
2106 Watershed Research Sciences Center
University of California, Davis

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ECS 20 Discrete Mathematics, Winter 2021 with Dr Zhaojun Bai
  Held virtual discussion sections- 120 students, virtual office hours and grading midterms and the finals for 250 registered students.

ECS 390 Teaching in Computer Science, Fall 2020 - Associate Instructor
  Held virtual lectures discussing teaching strategies, logistics of being a Teaching Assistant and an Associate Instructor for 54 students enrolled with the Graduate Group in Computer Science.

ECS 132 Probability & Statistical Modeling, Summer Session 1 2020 with Prof. Yelena Frid
 Held virtual discussions for 150 students, holding office hours and grading the assignments. Created online content again!

ECS 20 Discrete Mathematics, Spring 2020 with Prof. Matt Franklin
 Held virtual discussions for 180 students in 3 batches, holding office hours and grading the assignments. Created online content-phew!

ECS 20 Discrete Mathematics, Winter 2020 with Dr Zhaojun Bai link
  Held discussions for 120 students in 2 batches, 4 office hours and graded the quizzes, midterms and the final.

The TA Letters
For students who are taking/took courses I TA'd for, I send out quarterly emails for research opportunities, newer perspectives to existing research questions, student showcases interviews and advice from the 'higher ups', interesting papers from conferences, anything and everything that can help us grow more!
I open the link to join the list every quarter end till the next quarter start. Please email me if you want to be added during the quarter. Link to get on it: link