Jayneel Vora
jrvora at ucdavis.edu 

Networks Lab
Department of Computer Science
2106 Watershed Research Sciences Center
University of California, Davis

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I am a second year PhD student at UC Davis under the advising of Prasant Mohapatra at the Networks lab. My research lies at the intersection of game theory and cyber defense. In the summer of 2020, I interned with Sean Peisert at Berkeley Lab working on privacy preserving Machine learning. During the first year of my PhD, I explored breaths of wireless sensing mainly mmwaves and IoT settings. My grad journey has allowed me to identify flaws that affect my work ethic and ask the right questions before trying to cut off a thread with a scissor than an axe.

I researched edge computing paradigms during my undergrad with Sudeep Tanwar at Nirma, focusing on body area networks. During the internships, I worked on a pregnancy chatbot, gait analyzing and stroke detection using facial recognition.

I was a core participant and a Graduate Research Fellow at IPAM, UCLA for the long program on Mathematical Challenges and Opportunities for Autonomous Vehicles, where I am a part of the working group focusing on Perception, Control and Safety of Machine Learning for AVs.

I am actively learning more about Dynamic Decision Making at the moment!

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